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Stone County Judge

      The County Judge is the chief executive officer for stone county government. The judge authorizes and approves the disbursement of all appropriated county funds, operates the system of county roads, administers ordinances enacted by the quorum court, has custody of county property; accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources; hires county employees except those persons employed by other elected officials and the county; and presides over the quorum court without a vote, but with the power of veto.

      The county judge is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day intergovernmental relations between the various state and federal agencies operating at the county level. The judge must also apply for all federal and state assistance funding for which the county is eligible, and appoints the members to all administrative and advisory boards in all the county, some of which have to be confirmed by the quorum court.

County Court

     All powers not vested in the county judge as the chief executive officer of the county shall continue to be exercised and administered by the county court, over which the county judge shall preside. The county court is, in fact, the county judge sitting in a judicial role.

   The county court of each county has exclusive original jurisdiction in all matters relating to:

      ● County Taxes: including real and personal ad valorem taxes collected by county government.

      ● Paupers: the court’s jurisdiction includes all county administrative actions affecting the conduct of human services programs serving indigent residents of the county where such services are financed in total or in part by county funds.

      ● Jurisdiction in each other case that may be necessary to the internal improvement and local concerns of the respective counties.


Stacey Avey - County Judge

Willie Faye Ivy - Administrative Assistant                   

Tina Thomas - E-911 Coordinator   

Matt Avey - Road Foreman

Joey Burnett - Maintenance, IT

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