Stone County, Arkansas




Stone County Law Enforcement Committee meeting

August 18th, 2016

Location: Stone County Court House

Topic: Deputy Replacement

Committee Members Present:                                                                  All Others Present to Represent:

      Eddie Cowell                                                                                         Stanley A.Townsend, JP
      Bob Turner                                                                                        Stacey  Avey,  County Judge                                                                                                                                                                                   
      Tim Turner                   ​                                                                          Joshua Collums, DPA
                                                                                                             Lance Bonds, County  Sheriff   
                                                                                                             Dewayne Pierce, Chief Deputy
                                                                                                                  Jim Doss, Investigator 
                                                                                                                Charlie Revell, Dispatch
                                                                                                                          Bill Ditto

1.   Meeting called to order at 6:04 PM.

2.   Sheriff Lance Bonds and Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce opened the meeting by stating that the Sheriff's Department was losing a part time Deputy and was
      already short manpower as it was currently. The Sheriff's Department was asking for (2) two additional full time deputies to accomplish Deputy duties.

3.   Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce stated that the lack of man power was preventing the Sheriff's Departmenet from the following:

          A.  Responding to calls in a timely manner.
          B.  Prevents needed advanced training for deputies.
          C.  Hinders court  transports and forces single deputy units to respond to calls of serious nature, without backup.
          D.  Criminal investigators are routinely answering non-emergency calls because there are no deputies available to respond.

4.    Sheriff Bonds stated that every aspect of illegal activity has increased over time. However, our manpower has remained the same and is inadequate to the point 
      we cannot effectively do our jobs to assiat the people within the county.

5.    Chief Deputy Pierce said by adding the positions requested it will allow the Sheriff's Department to:

           A.  Enhance the safety of the deputies on duty.
           B.  Provide more effective services to the citizens of the County.
           C.  An allow better response time.
           D.  It will cost approximately $30,000.00 to add one Deputy.
           E.  After lengthy discussion by the Law Enforcement Committee, JP Bob Turner made the motion to present the possibility of adding one (1) additional
                postiton to the Sheriff's Department. JP Eddie Cowell seconded the motion.
           F.   In other discussion, Hear Dispatcher/Jailer Charlie Revell brought up the subject of 12 hour shifts for the dapartment.


           G.   It was decided that the Committee would address the subject further when they found out if the department fell under the correct criteria for that to be
                legal . The Committee did not have enough information to make a decision at this time.

No Further discussion.

JP Eddie Cowell made a motion to adjourn; JP Bob Turner seconded it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 PM.

Tim Turner, Committee Chairman