Jan 9, 2020


Stone County Jail Steering Committee (JSC) Meeting

Chairman Nesbitt called meeting to order at 6:34 pm after Quorum Court.

Role Call:                 Hon. Stacey Avey

Stan Townsend D1              

Larry Gammill D2      (absent)         

Darlene Garman D3             

Robert Huckleberry D4        

Ronald Clark D5        (absent)         

Robert Turner D6                

Bill Giberson D7                 

Eddie Cowell D8                

Jim Nesbitt D9         

Joshua Collums Prosecuting Atty

Lance Bonds, Sheriff

Chief Deputy, Zack Alexander

Detention Administrator (absent)


Joint Meeting with Advisory Committee

Bob Brown. Dennis Claridy


Also attending:  Wayne Harlin (Noacon), and other citizens.         


Previous minutes were read for 12 Dec.




    JP Huckleberry passed a collection hat to pay for advertising--$418 collected


    Website location was moved from Sheriff’s Dept to Flier is now posted.


    Posts to Facebook groups “Stone County News You Should Know,” and “Mountain View Alerts.” Will be monitored by JP Huckleberry


    Other avenues were discussed such as White River Now, Yelcot Cable Channel 5, Radio and various meetings around the county.


    Bulk mailing (or EDDM) was discussed at around 18 cents per mailing.Each JP challenged to cover their own district.


    A table at Walmart entrance was denied.


    HMN will deliver hardback posters for display by 15 Jan.Noacon will pick up easels.


    Next meeting will be 21 Jan at 6pm.


    Richwoods Church meeting is 23 Jan at 6:30pm.


    Scheduling meeting to meet 10 Jan at 0800 (Old Court Room) to set up and deconflict events.



      Next ad article in the Leader for 21 Jan will discuss how the current jail is paid for and the current sales tax breakdown.Follow on article will discuss ½ cent bond tax and ¼ cent operations tax.


      JP Cowell motioned adjourn, JP Garman 2d.AIF


      Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm



      Hon. Stacey Avey                                              Dr. Robert Huckleberry

      Stone County Judge                                           Secretary, JSC

                                                                            JP, District 4







      Jim Nesbitt

      Chairman, JSC

      JP, District 9

Website provided by Stone County Judge Stacey Avey

107 W. Main St, Suite C

Mountain View, AR 72560

(870) 269-3351