Stone County Rehabilitation and Detention Center


 Arkansas Code 14-14-802 dictates counties must have a jail.  A majority of funds collected to pay for these mandated services come from property taxes (millage currently at 4), state funds (turnbacks), and sales taxes (1%). Among class II counties, Stone County sales tax rate is 2nd lowest in the State.


Currently, our jail operates out of the general fund.  There is no specific funding source put in place to off-set the cost of our jailers, operations, or maintenance of the facility resulting in one of the lowest paid Sheriff Departments in the State.


How does the current 1% sales tax get distributed?


Our total sales tax is:  6.5% State + 1% County + 2% Mountain View City = 9.5%


Stone County’s organizational concept allocates incorporated townships (Fifty-Six and Mountain View) a portion of county taxes based on the population percentage in the city. In 2019, City of Mountain View received $319,263.66 from the county sales tax.  Fifty-Six received $20,099.22. THEREFORE, the County only operates on .76% of its collected sales tax. The City of Mountain View receives all of its 1%, plus 24% of the County’s sales tax, plus an extra 1% sales tax to pay their utility bond = 2.24% sales tax.


REALIZED TAX RATE:  Stone County = .76% SALES TAX     VS          Mountain View = 2.24% SALES TAX


Does the city of Mountain View pay the County for holding their prisoners?


Other counties have such arrangements:  Izard County receives approximately $600,000 from their cities to fund the jail and provide patrols.   Mountain View pays $50,000 to the County for dispatch duties and $10,000 to house inmates (a fraction of actual costs). The County eventually incurs all of the cost for every inmate (jail overhead costs, food, medical, transportation)—unsustainable if the tax fails.


What will be the impact to City of Mountain View if the tax does not pass?


Hard to say.  Other counties have cities pay fees, daily rates, and mileage for transport. Boone County will only accept Harrison inmates if space is available. Regardless, the current Interlocal Cooperative Agreement will have to be renegotiated as well as other services not mandated by ACA 14-14-802.


WE LISTENED!  County citizens told us what we had to do!  Focus on Rehabilitation, Half the cost to build, One-third the time to pay off, Half the cost to run.  Please Vote:  YES, to build and operate.


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