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County Judge Stacey Avey urges all county residents to complete their census form, which only takes a few minutes, and he especially encourages doing it online.

"While people are at home and have time to get online and fill out the census is the time to do it. Online is the way to do it, and that way nobody has to come to your house"

According to response rate data at 58.6% of the nations has voluntarily responded to the census so far,

with Arkansas reporting a 53.5% rate and Stone County lagging behind with 43.9% percent.

" It's very important to your hospital, your school, and your local government and state government that you get counted. Money is based on that and also voting districts. That's how they count how many people are in a representative or senator's district."

"You still have time, please do your part and complete your census form today."

From County Judge Stacey Avey and Stone County Leader

County Government

    County government is a political subdivision which provides services to all of the citizens of the county. These services include law enforcement, county roads, sanitation, judicial, emergency medical, fire protection, elections, jails, assessment, collection and distribution of property tax proceeds, the management of public records, and many other services.

    Nine elected executive officers and a countywide legislative body called the quorum court provide these various services. The nine elected officials are county judge, sheriff, county clerk, circuit clerk, collector, assessor, treasurer, coroner and surveyor. As is the case in Stone County, some counties combine two of the offices such as county clerk/circuit clerk. Not all counties elect a surveyor or a coroner, and in those that do elect them, the jobs are usually not full-time positions. Such is the case in Stone County.

   Arkansas provides for its county legislative bodies to be composed of nine to 15 members called justices of the peace. The number of JPs is determined by population. Stone County has nine JPs. Each JP is elected to represent a specific district within the county.

   Stone County voters also elect constables, which are township officials charged by law to conserve the peace in that specific township.

   County and township officials are elected to serve terms of 4 years, except Justices of the Peace and Constables which serve a term of 2 years.

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